The murder of Tabatha Bryant, 27, will be featured on "On the Case with Paula Zahn," on Investigation Discovery on Sunday.

"On the Case with Paula Zahn" made a stop in Rochester, re-hashing the details of the Tabatha Bryant murder, a 26-year-old Penfield woman who was murdered after her husband paid off her half-brother to do so.

Kevin C. Bryant, a prominent Penfield attorney was convicted of first-degree murder in the July, 14, 2003 murder of his wife, Tabatha Bryant, 26. Bryant paid his wife's half-brother, Cyril Winebrenner, 24, of Iowa, to murder Tabatha in their Pennicott Circle home — Winebrenner would receive $5,000 and half of the life insurance payment.

Kevin Bryant was asleep upstairs with the couple's children with Winebrenner broke into the home and shot his half-sister. The gun jammed and Winebrenner stabbed his half-sister 14 times. He was charged with first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Winebrenner's girlfriend, Cassidy Green, 23, of Bloomfield, was subsequently charged with first-degree manslaughter for providing the rifle that Winebrenner used, transporting him to and from the scene and helping hide evidence. She is serving a 15 years in prison.

Bryant is also serving life in prison without parole for orchestrating the murder for hire. It was revealed in court that Bryant had recently filed for divorce from his wife, alleging she had been having an affair.

The case will now be in the national spotlight as local writers and Cassidy Green share the details of the Penfield murder on Zahn's show. Former Messenger Post writer Amy Cavalier will be featured on the show. She assisted author Michael Benson, formerly of Wheatland-Chili, with a book on the murder — Betrayal in Blood.

Producers for the show were in town recently to film interviews with locals, including Green. This is the first time, outside of court testimony, that any of those convicted have spoken on camera about the murder-for-hire plot.

It was the first murder in Penfield in over 40 years, and there have not been any murders since.

The show will air at 10 p.m., Sunday, Jan. 16 on Investigation Discovery, channel 512 for Time Warner Digital Cable customers.