Like all good things, the preservation of Corbett’s Glen did not happen overnight. In 1974, the Brighton Town Board voted to have the town supervisor explore various avenues open to the town to obtain aid to help purchase the Glen. Brighton’s 1990 Master Plan recommended maintaining the Glen as an open space. And in 1996, Corbett’s Glen was given the “highest priority” ranking by the Monroe County Environmental Management Council for protection as an environmentally sensitive area.
Then in 1999, the Town of Brighton and Genesee Land Trust agreed to a partnership to preserve the glen. Genesee Land Trust secured a purchase contract and embarked on a fundraising effort called “Save The Glen and Beyond.” On June 24, 1999, the acquisition of the Glen was celebrated and Corbett’s Glen Nature Park was established. Genesee Land Trust continued to serve on the town’s Corbett’s Glen Advisory Board, developing a master plan for the nature park. In time the town would purchase an adjacent parcel of 36 acres from Max Farash that enabled the entrance and parking area on Penfield Road.
This 52-acre park offers breathtaking scenery, including wonderful waterfalls and an historic tunnel. It also features a variety of habitat, including a creek — Allen’s Creek, a marsh, open fields and mature woodlands on the surrounding hills forming the valley. These host salmon, trout, turtles and a variety of birds and mammals. The Glen is a traditional migratory bird stopover in the spring and fall and remains a haven for wildlife, including great blue herons, wild turkeys, deer and beaver. Open to the public and preserved for future generations to continue to enjoy, Corbett’s Glen Nature Park speaks to the effect a forward-looking town can have on the environment and the enjoyment of people who live there as well as people who visit. How many of us have fond memories of the glen? Countless of us do.
The Town of Brighton is committed to the responsible treatment of our natural resources and is cognizant of the benefits that nature affords us. It has been the pleasure of Genesee Land Trust to work with the town and a great honor to have been able to help. Thank you, Brighton, for understanding and giving Genesee Land Trust the opportunity to learn what we needed to do to help. This singular experience has aided us through our history, informing us on the goals and methods we needed to use to preserve and enhance the landscape of Greater Rochester.
Director, Development and Communications
Genesee Land Trust