Rochester Gas and Electric customers may soon have to pay more to keep the Ginna Nuclear Power Plant running. A recent report says the cost of operating that plant has gone up significantly and, in order to keep it running, the plant's operator says it needs to charge more. Otherwise, the plant may have to close, putting hundreds of people out of a job

State regulators Thursday extended until Feb. 6 a deadline on a contract to keep Ginna running. Negotiations are continuing between RG&E and Exelon, which operates the Ginna plant. The companies are in talks over whether or not to extend their partnership.

The 44-year-old nuclear power plant in Wayne County is the focus of a debate between parent company Exelon and RG&E.

Ontario Town Supervisor John Smith said, "It's huge. It's a considerable part of our town budget here and more importantly for Wayne County."

Smith says both companies are negotiating an agreement that would require RG&E to pay the struggling plant more for power in order to keep it up and running. But there's a cost, and customers could be forced to foot the bill.

Ginna officials say the plant has lost about $100 million over the past three years. RG&E already relies on Ginna to power local homes and if RG&E doesn't agree to pay more, the plant could be forced to close, leaving 700 employees out of work.

A Ginna spokesperson told Messenger Post's news partner News 10NBC that talks are continuing with RG&E, but no decisions have been made."