Sustainable Energy Developments Inc., a clean energy company, will launch the first Community Solar Array project in the Greater Rochester Area in partnership with SunCommon. This offer allows all Rochester Gas & Electric customers to power their homes or businesses with locally generated solar energy, with no upfront cost and anticipated savings on their electric bill.

SunCommon is a Vermont-based solar company that has helped thousands of Vermonters go solar through home and Community Solar Installations.

Community Solar can provide clean, locally generated solar energy at no upfront cost to every single person, or business, with an electric bill. This is the solar energy solution for those who rent, lease or own who are unable to install solar panels on their property. Instead, a large solar farm is installed in their community and the electricity generated is purchased by individuals and businesses.

The electricity is delivered by RG&E and bills remain much the same, with the addition of a solar energy credit. Community Solar Arrays consist of a host site, where solar electricity is generated by hundreds of solar panels, and members, who purchase shares of the electricity generated by the project to match their energy needs. The shares purchased are 100 percent local, green power at a long-term stable rate competitive with the retail cost of traditional electricity.

SED and SunCommon will build two CSA projects for RG&E customers in 2016. The companies plan for significant expansion in 2017 with several more projects in RG&E service territory, as well as in National Grid and NYSEG areas. The first project is already fully subscribed and the second project is expected to be filled quickly with the next 300 customers.

“There are more than 500,000 households in the Greater Rochester Area with the potential to go solar, save money on their electric bill, and leverage their energy dollars to support local energy projects right here in our communities,” said Kevin Schulte, CEO of SED. “This is the first Community Solar offering in the region and we’re very excited to be able to partner with an amazing company like SunCommon. SunCommon’s successful Community Solar experience combined with SED’s strong presence in the growing New York market will generate significant, cost-effective green power for the Greater Rochester and Finger Lakes Regions.”

“We see amazing potential in the revitalization that is happening in The Greater Rochester Area and also in partnering with a growing company like SED,” said James Moore, co-president of SunCommon. “The Community Solar model has done remarkable things for energy users in Vermont and we’re so excited to partner with SED to bring Community Solar to communities throughout Western New York.”

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