The Gates Chili Central School District recently held its first training seminar for the new Mobile Rescue System, setting the school medical emergency response standard nationwide.

“The Gates Chili Central School District is thrilled to partner with Mobilize Rescue Systems,” said Kimberle Ward, GCCSD superintendent. “When Mobilize Rescue Systems shared its product with me, I could not help but think of my own capacity and ability to respond to emergencies without second guessing myself. This unit takes that away. It builds confidence to respond quickly while waiting for the professional responders to arrive. I know I can use the unit to make a difference and save a life by providing medical assistance immediately. I feel that strongly about this, and could not wait to give others in our Gates Chili learning community the opportunity to experience the same.”

Starting in January, GCCSD will be fully outfitted with the interactive rescue systems that are designed to help bystanders lend a hand while professional first responders are en route. The rescue systems will be placed alongside every automated external defibrillator, near each emergency response team member and a more compact version of the rescue system for treating the most immediate life threats will be placed on every school bus.

“What happens after you call 911, and you’re just sitting around waiting for somebody to show up?,” said Joseph Bart, MRS medical director. “I think that most lay people want ot help. They want to do more, they want to intervene, but they’re not necessarily sure how.”

The system was designed to empower bystanders to intervene during a medical emergency when trained professionals are on the way to the scene. MRS’s team of medical professionals, military veterans and technology engineers integrated modern first aid supplies with an interactive app to make responding to a medical emergency as simple as possible for someone with limited training.

“Currently there’s no interactive app on the market that will help people manage a medical emergency,” said Matt Pelak, MRS director of business development. “People can buy all the contents that are in our system over the counter, but without the app the contents aren’t as useful, unless they have medical training.”

A bystander using the app can follow a series of prompts that will guide them to assess and manage a spectrum of injuries and illnesses ranging from broken bones to severe bleeding. Ward is confident that the intuitiveness of MRS will transform the ability of students, staff and teachers to be empowered in the event of a medical emergency.

“Anything we can do to be better prepared in the event of an emergency to protect the lives of our students and staff we should do,” said George English, GCCSD director of facilities and transportation. “That is why I am pleased our district is taking the lead and partnering with Mobilize Rescue Systems and is getting its first responder kits in our schools and on our buses.”