Pittsford residents recently voted to approve $9.3 million in bond financing for the town’s Spiegel Community Center upgrade, remodel and expansion project. The unofficial vote count was 69 percent, yes; and 31 percent, no.
The town will finalize the community center project design and implement the bid process. Project phasing, scheduling and developing temporary relocation plans for programs and staff will be determined. Design elements and bid specifications will be finalized within the next six months, with a target of selecting project contractors by late spring of 2017.

“The town board and I undertook more than a year of preparation and study, including working with a citizen's committee and with our architectural and engineering consultants, Passero Associates,” said Pittsford Town Supervisor Bill Smith. “Based on that work, we made a recommendation we believe to be reasonable and principled. It was important to us to know that our fellow-residents consider it reasonable as well."

The Spiegel Community Center Restoration and Improvement Project includes complete renovation, remodeling and expansion of the community center building; will provide modern amenities, upgraded interior space, improved accessibility and parking; needed maintenance and repairs; and will preserve the building’s historic exterior.

The cost of the project’s $9.3 million bond financing to the owner of a home of average assessed value will not exceed $69 per year over the next 15 years; the average assessed home value in Pittsford is $275,075.
For information: townofpittsford.org/community-center-project.