Access Lifts and Ramps, a company that sells, installs, services and maintains accessibility products, was recently acquired by Peter Bruu from Mike and Deb Leary.
Bruu previously owned IV4, an information technology services company. He brings his personal desire to help people stay at home longer and his business operations and technology management experience to the 25-year-old company.
“When I first learned of the opportunity to acquire ALR, I was immediately excited because I have volunteered throughout my life to help the elderly stay in their homes longer,” Bruu said. “As I began to investigate the business more, I learned that ALR often works with veterans. Being a veteran myself, it became clear that this opportunity was a great fit”.
Bruu plans to modernize and streamline the customer experience and back end installation and service. ALR has already hired one new installer and is looking to hire three more in 2017.
ALR started in 1991 by the Learys as a source for helping people maintain their lifestyle at home by providing the best options available for current and future accessibility needs, such as stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, wheelchair ramps and residential elevators.
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