Maker’s Gallery and Studio, 34 Elton St., Rochester, is exhibiting “American Voices,” a mixed-media display by artist Todd Stahl, through Jan. 20, 2017.
The exhibit honors historical figures who rose to express their personal vision and fought for what they saw as forward progress. Stahl used found wood and other objects to create sculptural canvases for bold and powerful portraits.
He chose to highlight 15 people with his mixed-media portraits: Muhammed Ali, Susan B. Anthony, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Miles Davis, Frederick Douglass, Bob Dylan, Allen Ginsberg, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., John Muir, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Shel Silverstein and Gloria Steinem.
“Each of the paintings in this exhibition highlight someone who inspired me at some point in my life,” Stahl said. “I looked for ways to tell their stories through imagery, pattern and text. They are the stories of otherwise ordinary people who rose up and were not afraid to let their voices be heard. ​They are us. Revisiting them and diving deeper into their stories has reinvigorated and emboldened me.”
“American Voices” is Stahl’s first solo gallery exhibition.