Bristol Mountain starts its 53rd season.

Apparently hosting the first annual Snowmaking Party at Bristol Mountain on Saturday Night was good luck, as it previewed today’s opening of the winter resort’s 53rd season. Bristol Mountain Manager Steven Fuller announced the Dec.11 opening that began at 10 a.m.
“We are so excited that the snowsports season is upon us. The crowd was very enthusiastic when they heard the announcement. Some of our long time season pass holders, new season pass holders and folks from the South Bristol community came out to celebrate the fact that we’ve gotten this great snowmaking weather,” stated Fuller in a release.
Bristol Mountain is open today from 10 a.m. to -4 p.m. Due to winter weather and snowmaking efforts, Bristol Mountain reported Sunday it has seven trails open. The 10-day forecast looks ideal for making snow and Bristol Mountain expects to continue opening trails once the base is at the appropriate depth, the resort reported.
It takes a lot of snow to be open from now through the first week of April, according to Marketing Director Drew Broderick. “To put it into perspective, last season the amount of snow we made could fill two lanes of traffic from Bristol Mountain to Rochester or another way to put it is that we could cover a football field and reach 500 feet in height,” Broderick said.
Although the resort welcomed the natural snow that fell over the past 24 hours, Bristol Mountain relies heavily on their snowmaking staff and snowmaking technology that has been in place since the Mountain opened in December 1964. Bristol Mountain now uses modern technology that makes snowmaking more efficient, with the type of snow varying from wet and dense to light and fluffy.