There are some holiday grinches running amuck. Police in area suburbs are seeing an influx of crimes involving vandalized and stolen Christmas decorations.

There have been several reports of stolen or vandalized Christmas displays in our area over the past week. Police say it happens every year around this time.

Home surveillance video shows one such incident in Irondequoit. In the video, you can see a person jog up to a front yard, grab at a set of lights, pull them down, and then sprint away with a second person. The homeowner told us he found the lights down the street, run over by traffic.

Suzanne Ries was also targeted in Gates.

"It made me feel angry," Ries said. "Because how dare you come on my property and take something that doesn't belong to you. It doesn't make any sense."

Ries says she had a star shower light machine set up in her front yard, and that it was taken Friday Night or Saturday Morning. She reported it to Gates Police, who are looking into it.

Greece Police tell us they're investigating two reports of thefts as well.

Officer Lance Duffy, the public information officer for the Gates Police Department, says this is nothing new.

"Christmastime, we anticipate (it)," said Officer Duffy. "It's a crime of opportunity. It's no different than leaving Christmas packages in your cars. Thieves are looking for this type of stuff."

Here is Ries's advice for you: "Just keep watching out for your neighbors. Look out your windows at night every so often. Just keep an eye out."

Police say the easiest way to protect your decorations is buy using zip ties. They suggest you attach your inflatable decorations to pieces of wood, and hammer it to the ground.