Friday many people will be digging out in Wayne County, especially along Lake Ontario but Friday will also bring one more assault, brutally cold temperatures.

The Rochester area saw plenty of snow Thursday.

Some of the most snow came to areas to the east, like Webster and Wayne County.

"Snow blowing left and right, I couldn't see three feet in front of me," says Markayla Nash.

Nash works at Guida's Pizzeria in Webster. Thursday, when the orders started to pile up, she volunteered to make some of the deliveries. It didn't take long to see why the orders were backing up.

"It took me like 45 minutes to get to Hatch Road which is just up the road," she says. "It was awful. There were some points where I was completely at a stop. There was a car in front of me that was sideways and things like that. It was pretty scary and awful."

She was happy to end her shift, but she knew the ride home would be slow-going. Nash was out in the height of the storm. Along Route 104, in the Town of Ontario, the snow was non-stop for hours. It was heavy, wet and blowing.

"Just coming out of the city on my way back home I noticed there were four or five cars off the 104 in the median," says Eric Sanders of Pultneyville, "yeah, it's pretty bad."

Sanders did four and a half hours of driving Thursday afternoon taking a friend to appointments. The weather caught him off-guard.

"This is the time of year you really need good tires, safety gear in the car and extra coats and gloves," says Sanders. "It's definitely not a good idea to leave the house unprepared."

Friday many people will be digging out, but Friday will also bring one more assault, brutally cold temperatures.