Court papers released on Monday shed new light on criminal charges that late Assemblyman Bill Nojay faced before he took his own life earlier this year.

According to the documents, Nojay was accused of taking $800,000 from an escrow account.

In the court paperwork, the FBI launched its investigation in late 2015 after it "received information regarding allegations of public corruption." During the investigation, they reviewed financial records for individuals including Bill Nojay.

The court papers allege that Nojay, acting as an attorney, agreed to act as an escrow agent for a large construction project by a local architect for a "foreign entity."

Prosecutors said Nojay agreed to create an escrow account to receive deposits and make disbursements based on an agreement.

Investigators say, at one point, Nojay diverted $800,000 for his own personal use. The money went towards things like his political campaign, investment, a lobbyist, a car dealer, his children and to pay property tax.

The documents were set to be released following a court appearance by Nojay; however, Nojay took his own life prior to the appearance.