Hillside Family of Agencies recently launched Hillside Care Management for Children to deliver personalized coordination of all services an eligible child might need, including behavioral health, medical and social services, to ensure that all those modalities work together for greater quality of care and improved individual results.
A Hillside care manager will serve as a liaison between the child, their family and the network of clinical professionals who provide a variety of needed services. Care managers are trained to work closely with parents and family members to understand the total needs of participating child and to align the child’s services with their ultimate health goals.
The program is free for Medicaid-eligible youth whose conditions meet state-mandated criteria, including chronic illnesses such as HIV, AIDS and diabetes and diagnoses of chronic trauma and/or severe emotional disturbance. No prior relationship with Hillside is needed to receive these services.
“For parents and families of children with complex needs, it can be overwhelming to juggle so many variables, appointments and reports while still understanding the big picture of their child’s care,” said Jennifer Cathy, executive director of community-based services for Hillside’s Monroe region, which serves the Greater Rochester area. “This is especially true with families with limited financial means. Our care managers are a part of the family’s care team. They offer clarity, support and advocacy, and become their first phone call when questions arise.”
Hillside launched this service for adults in 2013, and has been a leading advocate for the establishment of children’s health home care management in the state. In addition to their benefits to individuals and families, these programs are designed to improve community health and reduce escalations of care and the costs associated with that care.
For more information, call 888-514-4455 or visit hillside.com/healthhomes.