Four people convicted in the University of Rochester kidnapping case were sentenced on Wednesday. The sentences range from seven years in prison up to a possibility of 155 years-to-life for one of the suspects.

Four people convicted in the University of Rochester kidnapping case were sentenced on Wednesday.

Lydell Strickland, David Alcaraz-Ubiles, Inalia Rolldan and Ruth Lora were all convicted on kidnapping and weapons charges last month. All four were sentenced on Wednesday.

Rolldan and Lora were sentenced to seven years in prison, plus five years post-release supervision. A no-contact order was also ordered for the victims.

In court, the attorney for Rolldan said she still feels she's not guilty and that she simply was just there. The attorney for Lora said she feels terrible for what happened and that she was young and immature, and should have done something to help. Her attorney also told the judge that she was a hard working student until she met one of the men involved in the kidnapping.

"I'm sorry for what happened to those two men, I wish I would have been able to help them," Lora said through tears. Lora also apologized to the families of the victims for not being able to help the men.

Alcatraz-Ubilies was sentenced to 15 years in prison and five years post-release supervision. His sentence will run consecutively with a 15 year sentence he is already serving for an unrelated crime.

Strickland was sentenced to 25 years to life for each victim. His sentences will run consecutively. Judge Alex Renzi proceeding to hand down max sentences on all additional weapon, gang assault, sexual abuse, and robbery charges for a total of 155-years to life.

In regards to Strickland, the Assistant District Attorney said, “There is nothing redeeming about him that warrants anything but max sentence." The ADA also said Strickland was responsible for everything that happened that weekend.

During sentencing, Judge Renzi told Strickland that: “You're not a good person...I couldn't come up with any redeeming qualities about you.” He also said “There's no question that you are guilty. These two victims will never ever be the same."

In all, nine people were charged after the two students were rescued from a house on Harvest Street last December. The victims said they were brutally tortured and sexually abused for nearly 48 hours.

The other five suspects took plea deals.