Webster Schroeder High School held a Model United Nations on Dec. 21.
The program, which is roughly 20 years strong at the school, requires 10th graders of all academic levels to research a country they are assigned to represent.
The students are provided a topic and must present a speech to other delegates trying to persuade them to vote along with their assigned country. They also must answer questions about their topic and ask questions of other presenters. They must know who their allies are, so that warring countries aren’t sitting next to one another much less voting alike. They are given a crisis they have to debate from their assigned country’s perspective.
Another component of being a Model UN representative is dressing the part. Teachers discuss in advance with the students their need to dress in business attire providing the sophomores with the learning opportunity of what is and is not appropriate workplace clothing.
Juniors and seniors also get involved in Model UN as members of the Security Council and as judges who grade the underclassmen on their speeches and help determine which representatives are deserving of the Outstanding Delegate awards.
The school’s social studies teachers host Model UN each year as a way to help their students better understand a few of the global issues facing the world today while providing them with experience in research and public speaking.