The George Eastman Museum, 900 East Ave., Rochester, recently announced its schedule of photography workshops for 2017.

“With the rapidly growing interest in historic and alternative photographic processes, we seek to contribute to the expanding movement of handmade photography by teaching how to make the same type of gelatin emulsions introduced by George Eastman in the 1880s,” said Mark Osterman, process historian. “We encourage everyone, from artists to educators, students and photography enthusiasts, to develop new skills and broaden their knowledge of these unique processes.”

“Digital Negative Making for Alternative and Historic Process Printing” will help photographers harness the precision of digital imaging to produce negatives with their inkjet printer for a variety of historic and alternative printing processes March 1 through March 3.

“Tintypes: The Basics,” held March 16-17, will help beginners make their own tintype portrait and still life-image. “Wet and Dry Collodion Negatives” will help experienced collodion ambrotypists or tintypists from April 17 through April 21.

Participants will use a Bell and Howell Eyemo 35mm motion picture camera to shoot film in “Motion Picture Film Making, Session II” from May 8 through May 11. Registration includes a pass to the Nitrate Picture Show.

A group of photographers will make silver bromide gelatin emulsion, coat pieces of glass to produce a stock of negative plates and shoot at Letchworth State Park while camping in cabins during “Gelatin Dry Plates in the Woods of Letchworth State Park.” The workshop will be June 5-9.

From June 19 through June 23, participants will learn the basics of making unique positive wet-collodion images during “Ambrotypes and Tintypes.” Attendees will learn two popular processes from the 19th century in “Salt and Albumen Printing” from July 10 to July 14.

“Gelatin Emulsion Dry Plate Negatives” will explore the basics of making gelatin emulsion dry plates with beginners Aug. 8 through Aug. 11. “Intermediate Gelatin Emulsion Dry Plate Negatives” will discuss how to make a new basic silver bromide emulsion as a basis for increasing both speed and color sensitivity Aug. 22 through Aug. 25.

Workshop participants will make albumen prints from digital negatives to produce 3-D stereograph cards Sept. 13 through Sept. 15. The process includes coating the paper with albumen, sensitizing the paper and printing, cutting, transposing and mounting the prints.

Students will make daguerreotypes in a workshop Sept. 27-29.

“Carbon Tissue Making and Printing” will teach students how to make carbon tissues using pigments available at local art supply stores or online. Participants will expose, develop and transfer the carbon image onto fine art paper.

In the spirit of Halloween, “Spirit Photography” will teach students the basics of making wet collodion tintypes and the 19th-century secrets of making ghost imagery.

Registration is required for each workshop.

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