Gov. Cuomo recently announced a plan for free tuition, but it will cost $163 million when fully implemented. How in the world is this free to the New York state taxpayer?
When will our elected officials in Albany understand that nothing in government is free as the taxpayer always pays? The taxpayer is government, and without the taxpayer there isn’t government, right?
So, Assemblyman Johns and Sen. Helming, please understand that this New York state free tuition plan is not free; it is using other people’s money to finance someone else’s education, and it is not right. The state of New York just loves to spend taxpayer’s dollars in the most out of the ordinary ways.
A good example of this is the recent mailing of the property relief checks to residents. Some residents still have not received a check, while others, like myself, received only the property relief portion of the check and not the property freeze part. On top of that, all the extra money New York state spent on paper to print the checks, postage and employees then and now researching why someone did not get a check. This is a waste of taxpayer dollars when all it would take to accomplish the same goal is to lower taxes overall instead of these gimmicks legislators like to implement.
We the taxpayers must speak up and not allow this unnecessary spending of our tax dollars to go on. Recently, articles have been printed that more residents are leaving the state than moving here. I believe, quite frankly, it is because taxes are too damn high. We all must speak and vote to prevent this from continuing.
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