The XRX Pioneer Club board of directors recently announced new officers and a new project.
Fran Holladay is chairman of the board. Gary Peacock is president, and Dick Roomian is vice president. Diane LaDolce is treasurer and Carol Lurz is co-secretary. Judy Peacock is program chairperson, and Tony Dumbleton is member at large.
The board also announced the 2017 community service project at Cameron Community Ministries, 48 Cameron St., Rochester. Jennifer Muniga is the executive director, and their mission is to provide hope to the community through emergency services, engagement, education and empowerment. The center is an urban outreach center in the Lyell-Otis neighborhood of Rochester. Ninety-eight percent of the residents live in poverty.
The project chairs are John and Sabra Clapp, who will deliver donations collected at monthly club luncheons.
For information: 585-254-2697;