As we enter the start of a new Congress and a new administration, I will be looking for the leaders to maintain our progress in the fight to end Alzheimer’s. We cannot afford to lose any ground.
According to an election eve survey conducted by Lake Research Partners, 89 percent of respondents favored or strongly favored “increasing federal investments in medical research for Alzheimer’s disease.” I count myself as one of those Americans as a past caregiver for my father and mother-in-law who both died from Alzheimer’s. I’ve experienced firsthand the emotional and financial toll of this devastating disease.
Alzheimer’s is the most expensive disease in America, costing an estimated $236 billion in 2016, with more than half of that coming from Medicare and Medicaid. Per the Alzheimer’s Association, by mid-century the number of people with the disease will nearly triple, and the costs of Alzheimer’s disease are projected to increase to $1.1 trillion.
Importantly, a $400 million increase was pending before the 114th Congress for fiscal year 2017, and will now need action by the 115th Congress. That’s a great place for all to come together to start the new year with hope and optimism for the millions of Americans living with and affected by this disease.
I want Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-NY, to prioritize this action on Alzheimer’s disease, and I encourage my fellow New Yorkers to remind President Donald Trump and Congress of their commitment to continue the progress we’ve made against this disease.
Bruce Holroyd