East Rochester is unique. There is no community in Monroe County that is so different.
First, it is the only coterminous town and village. Governmentally it functions as a village, but its basic governmental status is that of a town. This means that a town board meets once a year and turns its duties and powers over to a village board, who are the same people.
When this status was adopted years ago, residents saved money in their tax bill. Now this type of arrangement sometimes works against us as we have no larger town to fall back on to assist us in special occasions.
It still regards itself as “The Home of Champions.” These champions are not only sports people but also village people. Curiously enough, however, the former resident who’s had the greatest influence on sports was not himself a great athlete. This is Robert Trent Jones, for many years the nation’s most noted golf course architect. He is but one of the many who have gone on from the village to make noted careers elsewhere.
East Rochester was established in 1897 as Despatch, a small village built around a factory to build railroad boxcars. Later, in 1906, the name was changed to East Rochester. The village in area occupies just about a square mile and probably will not grow very much in the future as it is landlocked by the four towns that surround it. Population has dropped slightly and now stands at less than 7,500.
For people looking for housing, the village is a remarkable well located community, from which all parts of the county can be reached rapidly. Interstate 490 brushes the western edge of the village, Pittsford, Fairport, Penfield and Brighton are neighbors. East Rochester does not include many large houses, but does include many smaller homes which are comfortable and within reach financially. Another asset for those looking for family housing in the village is its fine school system. It is one of the smallest in the region with all students housed in a modern pre-K-12 facility at the southwest corner of the village. And with small class sizes it is able to give special attention to meeting individual student needs. East Rochester has much to offer the prospective homeowner and should be visited by all planning to purchase a home.