As always, thank you. We are so very grateful for your ongoing support and feedback.
The district recently conducted its annual community budget survey. We are in the midst of developing the proposed school budget for next year, and we value your input in that process. There will be more opportunities to provide feedback on the budget, and a schedule of upcoming meetings is available at
As you may already be aware, we are developing the budget while strongly advocating for additional state funding. The state has significantly underfunded Brighton by its own calculations, and we have continued to be very vocal about how unfair this is to Brighton residents. The governor has proposed another significant shortfall in funding, and we are working hard to fight this on your behalf. Many of your friends and neighbors have been involved in this effort. We thank all of you and Fight For Brighton for your work on behalf of children and the taxpayers of this district. Learn more about Fight For Brighton at
We also recognize that communication is an important two-way street. For several years, we have been working on the redevelopment and improvement of our buildings. We set out to develop long-term plans that would upgrade all of our aging facilities in a practical, thoughtful and strategic manner. Last year, we listened very carefully to community feedback on the potential redesign of the Brookside building. We are very excited to simply say we listened, and we have a great plan to share with you based on your feedback.
Over the next several weeks and months, we will be presenting you with a plan that accomplishes a lot more throughout the district, does not displace Brighton Recreation and Brighton Senior Center programs, allows for the implementation of full-day kindergarten and upgrades arts, athletic and classroom facilities K-12. Due to the unique and very specific ways that different types of construction are funded by the state, this can be done at half the taxpayer cost of what was presented last year. Unfortunately, this kind of funding is completely separate from the funding that would be helpful in supporting the annual school budget and helping with the state’s funding shortfall for day-to-day operations. This is part of a three-phase plan that will be implemented over the next 15 years. The only planned increase in cost to you will be in phase one. Exciting upgrades will come in later years at no additional tax increase. We’re looking forward to sharing these proposals with you and gathering more feedback. Please join us at upcoming community forums to hear more, and for us to hear from you. Additional information will also be posted regularly at
Thank you again for your support. The second semester has begun, and we’re exceptionally excited about the work being done by students and staff now and for all of the exciting plans that are coming to fruition in order to support their great work in the future.