Webster Central School District has been involved with a strategic planning process since 2010. Guided by the overarching Core Belief that Webster puts “Students First” and focuses on educating the whole child, the strategic plan has developed through the use of focus groups including community members, staff, parents and students, along with surveys that gather invaluable feedback from those district stakeholders.
The strategic planning process has resulted in, among many things, the development of the district’s Essential Skills of resilience, perseverance, collaboration, integrity, time management, self management and communication. It also recently updated mission and vision statements. The continuous, collaborative work we do together on strategic planning is critical to our One Webster community.
Since 2010, the district has reached out to the entire Webster CSD community on three different occasions through a Community Engagement Survey and we are again asking for your feedback. The district will also seek feedback from faculty, staff, and all middle and high school students. The CES will be available to complete online beginning Feb. 27 and closing on March 17. You can visit websterschools.org and simply click on the link you’ll find in the news story about the CES. You can also complete paper surveys available at all of our school buildings, the Webster Aquatic Center, Webster Public Library, Penfield Public Library and the Webster Recreation Center.
Data gathered from the CES is shared with each of our 11 schools to allow for continuous improvement throughout our district. Thank you in advance for taking time to share your invaluable feedback.