After reading Joel Freedman’s essay, “US Senate should condemn Inhofe’s cruelty,” two words, a simple phrase, haunted me — of course.
After U.S. Sen. James Inhofe held his annual fundraiser, a pigeon shoot, his campaign manager told a participant, “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals called the district attorney and the sheriff on us for doing this and of course nobody cared.”
The revelatory and convincing essay ended by urging elected officials to confront their colleagues who perpetuate repulsive cruelty to animals.
The Outdoors column in the same Messenger issue told of pelicans once threatened with extinction by collectors of feathers for use in hats. The Migratory Bird Treatment Act and later, after pesticides had taken their toll, the Endangered Species Act protected pelicans, who have thrived since then. The columnist went on to detail the brown pelican’s existence today.
Perhaps the best way to save the pigeons is to declare them to be endangered by senators and others, including those who want them out of urban settings. All of these people see no reason, of course, to protect them.
Byrna Weir