Mido Zelenjakovic, founder of Rochester School of Fitness, exercise specialist and professional volleyball player recently used his knowledge and experience to help professional baseball player Connor Simonetti prepare for the Washington Nationals spring training.
Mido has worked with seniors, children, student and professional athletes helping them to stay fit and ready for action.
Mido and Cathy Hahn founded the Rochester School of Fitness in 2006. The goal was to provide individuals with a program consisting of both fitness training and nutritional counseling. The primary objective was to foster an understanding of healthy lifestyle choices, and how anyone could become physically fit at whatever level to which they aspired.
Mido has been working with Connor Simonetti for over 10 years and has been able to train and guide him through high school, college and now at the professional baseball level.
“Having the benefit of Mido’s first-hand experience as a professional athlete has prepared me physically and mentally at each level while helping me through common injuries associated with competitive sports,” explains Simonetti. “He is extremely demanding but is always alert to any potential issue with muscles and joints.”
“While it is special joy to work with elite athletes like Conner, most of my clients are regular people trying to stay in shape or improve the quality of their present physical condition,” says Mido. “Experiencing the war in Bosnia and spending time in a concentration camp has given me a unique outlook on health and happiness. I am delighted to meet and work with all kinds of people while enjoying the freedom of living in the United States of America. I never take my freedom and the choice to be happy for granted.”
For information about Rochester School of Fitness: rochesterschooloffitness.com/.