In accordance with a new law in New York State, White Haven Memorial Park in Pittsford and Canandaigua Lakeview Cemetery in Rushville will be able to bury the cremated remains of pets along with their human owners.
The announcements was recently made by White Haven Vice President JudieLynn Nassar McAvinney.
McAvinney said lot owners in either cemetery may fill out an application to see if their pet’s cremated remains can be buried in their grave, crypt or niche. To be accepted, the owner must show proof that the pet was cremated in a recognized pet crematorium, and the cemetery’s supervisors must agree that there is adequate space in the grave, crypt or niche. As long as there is room and the pet’s remains will be buried at the same time as a human, there will be no additional charge for the burial of the pet. If the owner wants to bury the pet at a separate time, the cemetery’s human burial fees will apply.
“Over the years, many, many people have asked us to bury their pets with them, and it was hard to tell them we couldn’t help,” McAvinney said, “so now it is wonderful to be able to put their minds at ease about what will happen to their beloved pet.”
McAvinney said many of the burial locations in both of the company’s cemeteries will accommodate the burial of pet cremated remains. If someone already owns property that does not have enough room, they may choose to trade their property for a location that will accommodate their pets. People who do not already own burial property may choose a location knowing ahead of time that it will have room for the number of pets they have.
In addition to the new pet burial service, White Haven Memorial Park also honors the relationship humans have with their pets by conducting a free blessing of the pets each fall. For information: 585-586-5250.