Jennifer Schneider is a candidate for the Canandaigua City School District Board of Education. I’ve known her for over 11 years but only recently learned that she grew up in modest circumstances and at age 16 began working at Wood Library. Jen graduated from Red Jacket schools, earned several college degrees, then worked in industry. Now a professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, Jennifer leads a universitywide effort in applied critical thinking skills that helps college students prepare for life in our rapidly changing world.

I also learned that Jen has served as a parent rep on the Strategic Plan for Excellence, Council for Instructional Excellence and the district’s Technology Committee. Additionally, she has volunteered in the classroom, teaching chemistry lessons to fourth-graders.

While I only recently learned all of these facts about Jennifer Schneider, there are many other things that I have known about her since we first met. I knew that Jen is a wife, dedicated mother of two daughters and that she cares about all kids and their needs. I already knew that Jen was a most intelligent, pragmatic and fiscally minded individual. I knew of her ability to listen while effectively working with a variety of people. Finally, I knew that Jennifer Schneider is a strong candidate for school board, and that I would support her in this endeavor. I encourage you to do the same on Tuesday, May 16, when you cast your vote for CCSD’s Board of Education.

Deborah Wilbur