Rochester artists Larry Moss and Kelly Cheatle, of Airigami, are currently featured in the “It’s Not Funny” exhibition at Rochester Contemporary Art Center, 137 East Ave.
The piece, “No chains will ever hold that,” depicts a Donald Trump-like character scaling the U.S. Capitol dome. Inspired by “King Kong,” the figure clutches the Statue of Freedom while fighting odd paper planes made from copies of the U.S. Constitution.
The sculpture is made with balloons, polymer clay, foam and paper. Moss and Cheatle described “No chains will ever hold that” as a 3-D political cartoon.
“Our medium is one that is accessible to everyone,” said Moss, founder and creative director. “Inclusion and youth have long been our focus, yet there are some ideas and political/social concerns that we’ve wanted to address with a more serious tone.”
The display, which runs through May 15, includes artists who explore the serious side of toys and play. This is Moss and Cheatle’s first personal project to be installed in a contemporary art setting.
“This installation is a huge departure and has given us the opportunity to react to events that we are deeply concerned about,” said Cheatle, artistic director.
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