It’s July, and summer is here with all the activities it holds. There are vacations, swimming and many more things to do. Unfortunately, with summer weather comes many insects, and because of all the wet weather, the mosquitos are huge and hungry.
Some fun things to do for family fun this summer without going far are the zoos, both Rochester and Buffalo; Hidden Valley Animal Adventures in Varysburg; some of our local parks; and the Museum of Play, for just a few. Just remember, in some cases you will need sunscreen and bug spray for your own protection. There are also a lot of places that are a little farther to go, like Buttermilk Falls, BaseBall Hall of Fame and Howe Caverns with its very cool temperature inside the cave, but also a very interesting place with unique history.
Kris and Larry Quirk had a special time this July when their daughter, Shannon, and her husband, Eric, and, of course, their adorable little granddaughter, Annabelle, came from outstate for a visit. A special time for Shannon, Eric, Annabelle and both grandmas and grandpas to spend quality time with them. Little Annabelle is so cute, and she is always smiling; such a happy baby.
July birthday babies are Viella Wilkins, Juana Guszkoweski, Sheila Hopkins, Tom Sardou, Judy Benim, Richard Mitchell, Debbie Kmentt, Tina Burton, Karen Hall, Jeff Trall, Gene Eisenhauer, Joanne Marcellus, Jeff Wilkinson, Joey Flanders, Larry Quirk, Judy Robena, Elaine Kennedy, Karrianne Polimani, Jim Crelly,Linda Hamilton, Kenneth Peck and Donald Peck. We wish you all a happy birthday.
A July wedding anniversary will be celebrated by George and Linda Woods. I am sure they have some very special plan for their day.
With these hot and humid days, it is very important we think not just about our family but also members of our furry family pets, too; after all, they have fur coats on. It is important if outside they have a cool place to go with plenty of water to drink. Animals can come down with heat exhaustion or stroke, which can cause death. Another important thing that has happened to children and animals is being left in a car, and we all have heard about it and have seen it on TV about children and animals being left in cars while parents and animal owners leave them alone in a vehicle. It only takes minutes for a vehicle to get extremely hot, which can cause death to humans or animals. Remember, your child or pet depends on you to think of their lives.
A FYI — with people traveling this summer and get togethers, remember don’t drink and drive. We want everyone to have a safe and happy summer.