New York State Department of Motor Vehicles offices operated by Monroe County Clerk Adam Bello’s Auto License Bureau now provide access for individuals with disabilities to make requests for accommodations by phone or online after receiving a request from Center for Disability Rights.
“One of the guiding principles of my time as county clerk has been to make sure government works for everyone, and an essential component of achieving that goal is to ensure equal access to all of our services,“ Bello said. “When leaders at the Center for Disability Rights reached out to explore new opportunities make our services more accessible to individuals with disabilities, we rolled up our sleeves to implement changes that would provide a simple way to request accommodations. I believe providing a streamlined and organized way to request accommodations is an important step toward breaking down barriers.”
The easiest way for individuals to request an accommodation — which commonly includes audio testing for those with reading difficulties, American Sign Language interpreters and placing calls on behalf customers to let transportation companies know that they have completed their transaction and are ready for pickup — is by visiting the online reservation system located on the county clerk’s website, selecting “Request for Accommodation” and providing as much information as possible about the accommodation requested.
Auto License Bureau staff will follow up with each request and ensure that staff are prepared. Individuals without web access have the option of making an accommodations request through a hotline.
“We’re excited about the new options to request reasonable accommodations for the DMV through both the website and by phone,” said Stephanie Woodward, director of advocacy for the Center for Disability Rights. “Bello’s commitment to ensuring that people with disabilities have the same access to DMV services as everyone else in Monroe County is refreshing and appreciated, especially since the needs of people with disabilities have previously been an oversight.”
For information, call 585-753-1604 or visit