The city of Rochester recently installed Little Italy Historic District banners on city street lights along a stretch of the Lyell Avenue corridor.
The city and Little Italy Association previously submitted two consolidated funding applications to Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council for revitalization projects and planning studies concerning the Little Italy Historic District and the Lyell Avenue Commercial Corridor.
The corridor and gateway ushers in thousands of people daily to downtown Rochester and neighboring projects like Genesee Brewing Co., High Falls and the planned move of hundreds of Monroe Community College students to a new campus on State Street.
“These new light pole banners signify the beginning of the rebirth of this very proud and historic neighborhood,” said Silvano Orsi, CEO of Little Italy Association. “They also demonstrate the seriousness of our city, local leaders and the community to revitalize this neglected area and create a sustainable and modern 21st-century urban neighborhood. Lyell Avenue is going to improve in a big way, and its safety, economic and poverty issues are going to be addressed in a unified and inclusive effort to benefit all cultures, residents and businesses in the area. New garbage bins and concrete flower potters will also be installed in the coming weeks with the Little Italy historic district logo on them to continue the beautification and revitalization process. The area is ripe for investment, and the revitalization of the Little Italy Historic District presents a great opportunity for our community to create a destination place and a new economic driver for our city and region, which will create job opportunities and help improve the lives of many impoverished people in the area.”