Parma Public Library, 7 West Ave., Hilton, is displaying paintings by Chris VerSteeg throughout August as its 72nd exhibit.
VerSteeg works in several different mediums that are determined by the subject, such as pastels for animals, acrylics and watercolor for landscapes and graphite for portraits and seascapes.
Her work features a poetic edge. She said her favorite piece depicts the moon-driven tide as it causes the sea to give and take back its treasures.
VerSteeg’s interest in art started when she was 4 years old. She said her parents gave her a pad of art paper to use when she got to the home of their elderly lady friends to spend the summer. In high school, an art teacher selected VerSteeg to attend weekly, free art classes at Memorial Art Gallery. She went on to attain a scholarship to Rochester Institute of Technology.
Her career included designing office interiors and working as a floral designer. Her art inspiration centers on creating images of old homes, buildings and vehicles as they return to the earth. She explores new mediums, and said she desires to work more loosely and with a brighter pallet.
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