TheatreROCS Stage will have a new venue for the 2017 KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival, with eight acts offering 21 performances Sept. 14-23 at Abilene Bar and Lounge, 153 Liberty Pole Way, Rochester.
The lineup includes “San Pedro” on Sept. 19, 21 and 23; “50 Shades of Gay” on Sept. 14-16; “Unleashed! Improv Presents: Radical Applied Behavioral Indicative Determinism” on Sept. 15 and 19; “Big Knockers: Debunking the Fox Sisters”on Sept. 16 and 23; Briana Musco on Sept. 14-16; The Lanthan Mire on Sept. 16 and 19; “Loop Painting” on Sept. 16 and 21; and “Four Letter Words” on Sept. 16.
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