Summer is a busy time at Town Hall, particularly for our department of public works as they work hard to repair and improve our town’s infrastructure. In last year’s budget, the town board doubled our paving allotment to allow us to repair more streets — a commitment to giving residents a better return on your tax dollars.
As it has with many things this year, the wet weather has brought challenges to our paving schedule. Coupled with the many hours spent in early spring picking up the wreckage from the windstorm, our paving season was already delayed a few weeks.
Is this an excuse to manage expectations? Absolutely not. We still hope to meet our mark this year, and are getting creative in managing our resources to ensure we devote adequate time and energy to repair our roads. Therefore, you might see paving trucks on the streets come early fall, assuming Mother Nature cooperates and doesn’t bring winter our way sooner than expected.
Looking to other projects, I have been very impressed with the progress of both the second phase of our ballpark complex behind Town Hall as well as the construction of the new athletic fields at Camp Eastman. I expect the new concession stand at the ballfields to be complete in August, and along with the dugouts and scoreboards it will be first class facility for our youngsters.
If you haven’t been to Camp Eastman this summer, I invite you to peek back to the rear of the park. Construction crews have removed a large berm of tunnel rock and leveled the surface for four new fields. We are running under budget on this project and implementing some enhanced drainage infrastructure to provide for better maintenance.
Lastly, I want to thank the many residents who provided feedback to the town board as we worked to develop a local law to formally authorize our deer management program. Since the late 1990s, the structured bow hunt managed by Irondequoit Police Department has been an effective tool in lowering motor vehicle accidents in town, once at an epidemic level.
The program exists to ensure the size of the deer population does not pose a public safety and health risk. Most of Irondequoit is bordered by three bodies of water and a highway to the south. With a 1,000-acre park in the heart of town, we are unique habitat for the deer, indeed. Again, I thank those residents who worked with the board to ensure this program can continue to meet its goals while providing transparency and accountability in its administration.
As we make our way through August, please continue to have a safe and happy summer in Irondequoit.