Rochester Home Builders’ Association recently reported a national labor shortage is having an impact on the Rochester region.
People looking to build new homes along with homeowners trying to remodel their current homes are facing significant delays. Rick Herman, CEO of RHBA, said the shortage means fewer homes can be built and take longer to construct.
“We started to notice the labor shortage locally about two years ago,” Herman said. “Framing crews are in the greatest demand among the builders, but we are seeing shortages of carpenters, masons and plumbers.”
“It’s a real effort to get help,” said Joe Sortino, president of Sortino Properties. “We used to build new homes in about 90 days, now it takes us five months.”
RHBA said many in the industry changed careers when the housing market collapsed nearly a decade ago. Home construction dropped, and many workers pursued other industries or aged out of the home building business. As a result, labor costs are now climbing for workers in high demand, and consumers must pay a higher price to get their job done.
“We are also in a hot housing market and inventory is low, creating a demand for new homes,” Herman said. “The people who are choosing to buy want to update the kitchen or add on to a master bath, because the homes for sale are older and need remodeling. We just have to get creative, and consumers need to be patient.”