On Aug. 15, 2017, the Greece town board adopted a local law to provide assessment relief to waterfront residents under the New York State Lake Ontario and Connected Waterways Assessment Relief Act.
This act will provide relief to our residents all along the lake and pond fronts. The Monroe County south shore of Lake Ontario has been under a state of emergency as declared by the governor, and additionally the town of Greece has been under a state of emergency as well which continues to this day.
The town of Greece is unique in its number of affected residents and the density of homes and businesses along the lakefront. In fact, we have nearly more homes affected than the rest of the south shore residents in Monroe County combined. Because government actions may be taken to protect residents and property under a declared state of emergency, the Greece town board knew it would be in the best interest of those affected by the increased water levels to expeditiously adopt the local.
This legislation is only one step in our efforts to assist the residents who have, by no fault of their own, found themselves suffering at the hands of rising water. They continue to be plagued by mosquito infestation, fluctuating water levels and, in some instances, mold destroying their homes and making everyday life much more challenging than they ever imagined.
I have said consistently that I will pursue every possible option to assist our residents, and this tax assessment relief was one more option available to assist our neighbors along the waterfront. It is important to note that this will not have any ill effect on any of our other residents. Our proposed tax rate remains flat, and, through good planning and embracing fiscal restraint, we will plan to be able to offset this expense through either available state relief funding or appropriate town reserve funds.
As supervisor of the town of Greece, I have been on-site with the affected neighbors day after day and long into the evenings ensuring our residents are receiving all the assistance we can possibly pull together for them. I highly doubt that given the opportunity that any of our neighbors in and around Greece would be opposed to helping folks out in their darkest hour. We stood shoulder to shoulder during three large weather events this year: the wind storm, Snow Storm Stella and now the continuing threatening conditions at the waterfront. I will never hesitate to step up and help our homeowners in need. I firmly believe that a state of emergency is just that, a time when true leaders step forward and put it all on the line for those they represent.
I personally believe it is shameful for anyone to try and interfere with a process and any action that was directed to help others.