The headline says it all. Just last spring, Webster Central School District and the board of education adopted a new vision for our students, families, faculty and staff — “Compassionately Connected, Joyfully Engaged, Always Learning.” These are six simple words that speak volumes about the work we are doing together as a One Webster school district.
Two weeks ago, I shared a message with Webster CSD faculty and staff during our opening day of the year that focused on sharing our stories with compassion, joy and a love of learning. This was an exciting time for all of us to gather together and prepare for the new school year. We got to spend time in our 11 buildings getting ready for your kids to come back to school. I have to tell you that the summer just isn’t the same without our students’ laughter, joyful presence and boundless energy. My greatest joy as a superintendent comes from visiting your children’s classrooms, cheering them on during sporting events, attending their music concerts or enjoying lunch in the cafeteria with them.
Within our One Webster family, we have nearly 8,400 students and 1,400 faculty and staff members. What I have reflected on over the summer is the fact that all of us has a story to tell. During opening day, I shared with our faculty and staff stories about colleagues and students who are living their telling their life stories in ways that embody our district’s six word vision. There was laughter and even a few tears as I told the story of my personal hero who exemplifies compassion, joy and a love of learning — my father. And the best part? Dad was there with me that morning of my speech, and he even got a standing ovation. He now thinks I should buy all of our breakfasts, because he’s more famous than me.
On Tuesday, Sept. 5, Webster CSD opened its doors to your children. Together, we continue to open our hearts and minds to the stories they will surely tell us throughout the 2017-18 school year. Thank you for remaining a community that is “Compassionately Connected, Joyfully Engaged, Always Learning.”