I remember the first location of the VA Center was in the basement of the federal building in Rochester. Next came the location on Westfall Road in Brighton. Now the location is coming to Henrietta. Things have changed, and getting outpatient care to Strong Hospital may be easier.
If it wasn’t for the American Legion, which pressed for the veterans administration facilities during the Vietnam War, nothing would have happened. Remember the Vietnam War was a conscripted army so the whole country gelt the war. Now our wars are fought by a “volunteer army,” and no one feels the war or knows about them.
The American Legion centers are closing down or are struggling to keep open. I live in Riverton, and the Scottsville American Legion Center is closer. But the Henrietta Ely Flagan American Legion Post is struggling to keep alive through their breakfast and Friday fish dinners.
If it was not for the American Legion during the Vietnam War — remember the army was conscripted — there would be no VA centers. The veterans are not remembered except for political purposes. Look at Trump’s recent tweet about the football players or what the retired Army captain had to say.
The recent Henrietta Recreation Center was built on the Veterans Memorial acreage. Who remembers veterans?
Why aren’t veterans supporting the American Legion Posts? Is it because veterans feel noone cares? Is it because the volunteer army is fighting the wars and not the conscripted army where the whole nation would know?
William Wu
West Henrietta