Monroe County Legislature President Anthony Daniele, along with Legislators Debbie Drawe, George Hebert, Matt Terp and County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo, recently presented a proclamation to the JACK Foundation in recognition of the opening of Jacks Place in Rothfuss Park.
Jacks Place is a dinosaur-themed playground built in memory of Jack Heiligman, who is the late son of the JACK Foundation’s founders, Anne and AJ Heiligman. After the death of their son, the Heiligman’s started the JACK Foundation to raise money for dinosaur-themed playgrounds and promote acts of kindness in the community.
In addition to the foundation’s name honoring their son, JACK also represents Just Acts of Caring and Kindness. They hope that the JACK Foundation will encourage members of the community to act in a way that reflects the kindness displayed by their son and their neighbors.