My name is Bill Morse, and I am a proud, fourth generation Irondequoiter. My family has over a century of history here in our town. I grew up on Harvington Drive, and now my wife, two children and I live on Armstrong Avenue.

I am running for Town Council to ensure that Irondequoit remains that special place that I remember when I was growing up. I also want to make sure that it remains a town where my children would want to raise their families. Three areas that I feel are crucial for the growth of our town are public safety, economic development, and managing our taxes.

Regarding public safety, the growth of our neighborhood associations has created an opportunity to expand and develop community policing within our neighborhoods. My father was involved with PAC-TAC, and he got a lot out of it personally while bringing an extra pair of eyes to neighborhood safety. Our police do a lot but they can’t be everywhere, all the time. PAC-TAC would be helpful for the police and be a great deterrent to crime.

As we all know, the taxes are high in Irondequoit. High taxes are a problem for our seniors who are entering retirement on fixed incomes, and also for young families who are considering Irondequoit as a home. We need to halt, if not reverse, the ever-growing taxes in our town. This is why economic growth is so important to all of us. By bringing new and unique businesses to Irondequoit, we can stop the trend of our residents going to other towns for their dining and shopping needs.

My goal would also be to increasingly attract residents from other towns. The increase in sales tax revenue and additional commercial property taxes will help to alleviate the tax burden on our home owners. We can also elevate the look and feel of East Ridge Road. Starting small with something like planting trees and flowers along the road will go a long way to changing its appearance. We can benchmark against other successful towns to apply their ideas and best practices for attracting businesses to our town.

Running for Town Council has been an honor and a pleasure. I have met truly wonderful people and have been introduced to parts of our Town that I had never had the chance to visit before. Irondequoit is a diverse and unique town with a great history. I would be honored to serve as your councilman.

Please vote for me, Bill Morse, for Irondequoit Town Council on Nov. 7.