As a chemist, I am concerned by the proposed funding cuts to science research, and the effects these cuts would have on our economic growth. If enacted, these cuts would severely undermine American prosperity, innovation and competitiveness.
Science and technology are the backbone of the American economy. Strong economic growth depends in large part on a nation’s competitiveness in science and technology. Research provides the foundation for everything from lifesaving medicine to the technologies we use to stay connected. For decades, the federal government has played a key role in these advances, funding breakthrough research with staggering results. This year alone, seven Americans — all past recipients of government funding — won Nobel Prizes in medicine, physics and chemistry.
However, American scientific leadership is threatened by the proposed across-the-board cuts to research funding. For example, my work focuses specifically on studying single-walled carbon nanotubes for their potential integration into many optoelectronic applications. Funding research is incredibly important to the progress of our nation and of humanity as a whole.
Scientists across the country rely on federal grants to pay for this research. Without this funding, chemists like me just can’t do the groundbreaking work that will lead to tomorrow’s technologies. I urge Congress to demonstrate strong support for science research funding by reversing the dangerous cuts proposed by the administration.
Amanda Amori