Listening to the Sept. 25, Irondequoit Planning Board meeting and the Oct. 17 Town Board meeting on TV, we heard the board members questioning what’s happening on Lorraine Drive...why haven’t they all signed the rezoning petition? One woman on the board said, “...maybe they’ll come around.”
Instead of wondering and making assumptions, why doesn’t anyone ask us what’s happening?
We’re not happy with what’s going on in our neighborhood. We feel that we are being forced out of our homes. Three years ago when Mr. Nolan came to our neighborhood for a meeting, he told us that he has a five-year goal to purchase all of the houses on Lorraine Drive to demolish them and build a parking lot of I-Square. He told us not to feel pressured. But we are feeling pressured to move. His five-year plan has turned into a three-year plan.
The quality of the neighborhood has declined since he has implemented his Lorraine Drive project. He has chosen to place renters in a few of the houses that he has purchased to date. The character of the neighborhood changes when there are renters. There is buying, selling and using drugs; disrespect of other neighbors’ properties; cars blocking the road when we’re trying to get home; a renter’s dog running wild in the neighborhood and relieving itself on any lawn; pitching a large tent in the front yard to accommodate large parties; blasting music from the car radio in the driveway in order to hear it over the loud noise of the shop-vac cleaning the car.
We have lived on Lorraine Drive for years. Until Mr. Nolan started buying up houses, it was a quiet, “respect-your neighbors” kind of street.
We have been actively looking for a new house to move to ever since our meeting with him three years ago. We haven’t been able to find anything to replace what we have here. We’re not going to move out just to satisfy the needs of I-Square, and then move again when we find the right house.
Mr. Nolan has disrupted the lives of 11 families. He has displaced people who are not ready to move.
We’re not against progress or improvements to our area, but our neighborhood is being destroyed before we have the chance to move out. Our quality of life is being tossed to the wind.
For those of us who are left, we would appreciate no further disruptions of our neighborhood until we have moved out.
We are asking the members of the Town Board to please hold off on rezoning our street and please stop any further destruction of our neighborhood until we’ve moved.
We’re also asking for fellow Irondequoit neighbors to support us in this effort by writing letters and attending the Town Board meeting Nov. 21, 7 p.m. at the Irondequoit Town Hall.
Lorraine Drive homeowners