In the Aug. 31 edition of MPN Post, Diana Perry, of Pittsford, wrote an Op-Ed regarding a sidewalk on “Fairport Road.” This expressed a significant safety concern for pedestrians who choose to walk safely along Fairport Road (Route 31F), and for sure the concern is shared by many others. The north side of Fairport Road from Roosevelt Road to Sherwood Drive I believe is located in the town/village of East Rochester, in which case a letter to Mr. Martin D’Ambrose, village administrator, requesting that sidewalk construction for this area be placed in the budget as a line item might be the initial step, and follow-up correspondence is usually required.
Beyond the initial letter, it would be most beneficial to contact Sen. Rich Funke and Assemblyman Mark Johns, as funding beyond what East Rochester may be able to support would probably be required. Ideally, contacting the state, as that is a state route, may not be the shortest course of action.
If the sidewalk was continued from Roosevelt Road to Sherwood Drive along the north side of Fairport Road, topographically might be the best route. A new sidewalk would be able to connect with the existing sidewalk on Washington Street, and if continued along the north side would connect with the sidewalk along the south side of Fairport Road at the traffic light by the school and Sherwood Drive. This would provide pedestrian walkability from St. John Fisher to East Rochester, Country Club Plaza and beyond to the Village of Fairport and further east. As always, some engineering and easements would probably be involved, but those issues are easily resolved.
I can only relate that follow up with state and local officials regarding sidewalk concerns is a must and generally takes considerable time. The sidewalk on French Road from Nazareth to Monroe Avenue and on Fairport Road from Sunset Trail to Country Club Plaza took some time to accomplish, with excellent results.
The letter from Ms. Perry indicates an obvious concern for safety, and hopefully can be accomplished in the near future.
Robert E. Salmon