The following are crimes that have occurred recently in and around your neighborhood. The Post does not identify individuals or locations in this blotter. For more information regarding these incidents, please contact the Irondequoit Police Department.
Thursday, Nov. 9
• Victim states that his truck was stolen from a parking lot on East Ridge Road. Officers spoke to a witness that stated at 10 p.m an unknown female approached the victim’s vehicle and got into the driver’s side seat. The vehicle was already running when the suspect got into the vehicle. The victim then used the “find my iPhone” app to locate cellphone that was left in the vehicle. Officers responded to the location of the vehicle and found the vehicle unattended. Investigation to continue.
Friday, Nov. 10
• Officers conducted a traffic stop at Maple Avenue. Upon approaching the vehicle, officers smelled a strong odor of marijuana. Officers asked the suspects if they had marijuana in the vehicle, which they then produced a small bag of it to the officers. Case closed by arrest.
Saturday, Nov. 11
• Victim states that he parked his vehicle overnight and secured the vehicle with a metal hasp and padlock on Titus Court. Upon driving the next day, victim states he noticed the padlock was missing. As he searched his vehicle, he noticed tools were stolen from the vehicle. No witnesses or suspects at this time.
• Victim states an unknown suspect entered her unlocked vehicle while it was parked in her driveway and stole her purse on Sansharon Drive. Victim was then advised by her bank that a large sum of money was withdrawn from her bank account. No suspects at this time.
Wednesday, Nov. 15
• Officers were dispatched to the above area for a report of smoke on Glen Haven Road. Upon arriving on scene, officers saw a vehicle fully engulfed in flames. The fire department arrived on scene and put the fire out, and the case of the fire is undetermined. Officers made contact with the registered owner who reported the vehicle was stolen earlier that night. Investigation to continue.