Novatek Communications Inc., a technical writing services company, recently expanded its service offerings to include cybersecurity documentation and training to help companies proactively mitigate the danger of a cyberattack.
Companies have seen accelerated growth in cybercrime in recent years. Several major attacks occurred this year, one of which landed a hit on National Health Service facilities and hospitals in the U.K. Ransomware damage costs have increased 15x in the last two years.
The increase of cyberattacks, combined with the shift to digital records, has put companies at heightened risk, particularly those with protected personal information and protected health information. As a result, most regulated industries have introduced new cybersecurity regulations.
As the majority of Novatek’s clients fall within these regulated and sensitive markets, the company recognized the need for documentation and training above and beyond information technology security services. Studies prove that humans are the most vulnerable link in cybersecurity, and 84 percent of hackers use social engineering as part of their attack strategy; 60 percent of businesses fell victim to a social engineering attack last year.
“Many companies are still unclear on what the best practices are for managing the threats of the digital age,” said Amy Castronova, president of Novatek. “Planning and education are key to surviving a cyberattack. It’s no longer a matter of if, but when a cyberbreach will happen.”
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