Monroe County officials including Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn, District Attorney Sandra Doorley and Bob Burns, public safety director; representatives from Monroe County Stop-DWI and Rochester Against Intoxicated Driving; and family members of DWI victims recently hosted the annual “Lights on for Life” motorcade.
The event annually honors victims and their families, and raises awareness of the dangers of drugged driving and DWI.
“Our annual ‘Lights on for Life’ motorcade is a touching tribute to those we’ve lost to drunk driving and a stark reminder of the deadly consequences of bad decision-making,” said Cheryl Dinolfo, Monroe County executive. “The motorcade’s message is clear — there is no excuse for drunk or impaired driving, not here, not now and not ever. Through our Stop-DWI programming and continued collaboration with area law enforcement, Monroe County will be doing our part to keep local roads safe from drunk drivers this holiday season.”
“Lights on for Life” is a nationwide campaign in response to rising impaired driving rates. Drivers are encouraged to drive with the lights on all month in recognition of the dangers of impaired driving. The event marked the start of National Drugged and Drunk Driving Prevention Month.
“Monroe County’s Stop-DWI program has led to significant reductions in the number of fatalities caused by drunken drivers, but there are still too many lives being lost because of motor vehicle collisions caused by drunk and/or impaired drivers,” O’Flynn said. “We hope to reduce those numbers even further with highly visible enforcement efforts and public awareness events.”
The Monroe County Stop-DWI program has one of the highest conviction rates among the state’s large counties. Since 1982, the program has served to educate the community regarding the dangers of impaired driving and provide funding to groups and organizations engaged in activities related to alcohol and other drug-related traffic safety. Stop-DWI is supported 100 percent by local fines collected from intoxicated drivers.
“As we enjoy this holiday season with our family and friends, it is important that we bring awareness to National Impaired Driving Prevention Month,” Doorley said. “Every holiday season, we see tragedy hit due to driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These tragedies, which are 100 percent preventable, put everyone on the road at risk and impact our entire community. If you see our ‘Lights on for Life’ motorcade cruising around Monroe County, please show your support for our mission by turning on your car lights as we drive by and bringing awareness to the cause.”
In 2016, 2,540 people were arrested for impaired driving in Monroe County; 1,852 have been arrested in 2017 as of Sept. 30.