The Irondequoit Chamber of Commerce recognized Courtesy Auto Repair & Gas Station, 277 Culver Parkway, as the featured business for December.
Courtesy Auto Repair and Gas Station has been operating under the ownership of Paul Marone since 1987, but Marone’s experience in the automotive services business goes back further. As a young teenager, he worked as an apprentice in an auto repair shop until his 18th birthday — when the shop owner presented him with a carburetor in pieces and asked him to assemble it. Marone passed the test and started his first day of his now 45 year career.
Courtesy Auto offers full service gasoline service and vehicle repair, including jump starts, service calls, inspections, oil changes and counseling for customers when their vehicles might not be worth the fix. Their fleet of six tow trucks provides emergency towing — call (585) 288-9794. Marone also says owning a front loader means they are never snowed in.
“I went to the school of hard knocks and know that starting and running a business can be hard getting through all the red tape, and you have to have the gumption to get through it, but now I can say that I love the instant gratification of being able to help people immediately,” said Marone.
That help includes Courtesy Auto being one of the last full service gas stations in Rochester, where an attendant pumps gas while the customer stays in the car.
Courtesy Auto employs six people and supports the Point Pleasant Pea Pickers fireman’s drill team. Marone has been a longtime volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America, serving, he says, “in every role.” He is so dedicated to the Boy Scouts that he says the only other job he would like to do in life — besides running Courtesy Auto — is to be director at a Boy Scout Camp.
While retirement is a little ways off for Marone, he does have a plan.
“I plan to get myself a rocking chair to sit at the front door and greet people,” said Marone. “I’ll tell people ‘you gotta pay these guys.’”
For appointments, towing, and more information, visit or call (585) 288-9794.