Penfield citizens are circulating petitions to compel the Town Board to hold a special referendum vote of Penfield voters on the Town Board’s Nov. 20 decision to borrow $3.65 million to buy the former Shadow Pines golf course.

The town had repeatedly promised that any such decision would be presented to the voters for a yes or no vote, but backed away from that promise a few hours before voting Nov. 20. Therefore the only way Penfield voters can now get the public vote that was promised is to submit at least 685 signatures on petitions before Dec. 20.

Information about the Petition drive can be found at Residents are encouraged to leave a message there if they would like to sign a petition.

Right To Vote Penfield will also be collecting signatures at the Penfield Town Hall Auditorium, 3100 Atlantic Avenue, before and during the Dec. 6 and 13 Town Board meetings, which start at 7 p.m.