The holidays are fully upon us with all its celebrating, shopping, eating and merriment. Whether it’s a family dinner, holiday celebration or church potluck, etiquette and techiquette are most certainly needed. Or, maybe a holiday band concert, New Year’s Eve party or end of the year celebratory work party. Then, you may really need a hefty dose of etiquette to keep you on the nice list and off the naughty list. Here’s what made the top of our list.
Techiquette: Try to avoid staring into your phone, being on social media or constantly answering texts and phone calls during your holiday events. Occasional check-ins and sharing, of course, are fine and fun to see. But, minute by minute check-ins really does take you away from those memory-making moments. Enjoy all the red and green festivities without being glued to that little blue screen.
Mind your manners: Yes, I said it! Dining etiquette should be a welcomed guest of honor at your dinner table or event. But, do not stress, we can help. Review our very best dining tips on our YouTube channel, “Etiquette Chics.” You will find many modern, fun, one-minute long etiquette videos. Oh, and please subscribe to us as well while you are visiting our channel.
Santa’s big black bag: Always say “thank you” when you receive a gift, even if you do not particularly care for the item. You are thanking them for their effort, generosity and thoughtfulness. Also, avoid re-gifting, in most cases. Consider donating an item before re-gifting.
Be courteous at musical and theatrical events: When watching a Christmas musical at the local theater or being an audience member of your child’s concert or play, be mindful of others. When you stand to snap a cell phone picture, do so quickly. A few pictures are okay while standing, but for an extended period prohibits others from viewing the event. Also, set up video cameras in the back or safely off to the side to keep from obstructing others. And, turn your flash to off on your smartphone. Ouch! That flash hurts in a dark theater or auditorium. Of course, silence your smartphones and turn down the screen light intensity.
Don’t be a Scrooge: Be a low maintenance guest by bringing a simple hostess gift that requires no preparation. Help with cleanup if the situation lends itself. If the host insists you enjoy yourself and not help, please abide by his/her request. Be aware of how long you are staying, and try not to overstay your welcome. If you are a weekend guest at a friend or relative’s home, a simple gift is a nice gesture such as the newest best-selling book or monogramed hand towels Also, help tidy up and keep your room in order — bed made, floors cleared. Offer a little shout out on social media about what a great time you had, and mention the host or hostess by name, if appropriate.
Work event or party: Please watch your alcohol intake. You can avoid an embarrassing work-related snafu or kerfuffle by keeping yourself alert and in control. And, never, ever drive while intoxicated or impaired. If Santa’s sleigh and reindeer are busy, calling a taxi service or family member are good options. Be careful of what you share on social media in general, but especially at a work-related function and when co-workers are involved.
Christmas/holiday cards: Sending a card is a lovely gesture. Not sending a card is OK, too, even an e-card or online card is certainly fine in my holiday book. A warm message with a couple pictures that capture an event from the past year is jolly and honestly always makes me smile. But, a 1,000-word newsletter with 500 quarter-sized photos of people and events that are barely visible, well, can I be honest and speak for most of the egg nog loving free world? Maybe not so much. Simple is always a lovely option.
Petiquette: If your pet is traveling with you for the holidays or even out with you at the local Christmas tree farm or other seasonal activities, please pick up after your dog, “scoop the poop” and keep your dog under control, especially if there will be small children around. If your pup is not great with friends like Dasher, Dancer and Prancer, and you know there will be many furry friends, then maybe this is the time you pass on bringing them. If you are a houseguest and your hosts invites Fido, then be certain you know the house rules ahead of time, such as if pets are allowed on furniture, etc. And, take lots of pictures and share. Who doesn’t love seeing those pictures of our furry friends on Instagram and Facebook?
Let the celebrating of the season begin with a Santa-sized dose of etiquette so you can enjoy all those fun-filled events while staying on the road to success. And as we close out 2017 and usher in 2018, may your year be filled with laughter, family, friends and joy and certainly etiquette for every season of the new year.
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