Monkeying Around, a local publishing company of dot-to-dot puzzles, recently released “The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Adventure Book 3” by David Kalvitis.
For Kalvitis’ latest four-book series, he went beyond the traditional dot-to-dot and created the first dot-to-dot books that have a picture story. He included a variety of brand-new puzzle styles including circuits, match-up, scene and tabs puzzles.
“Adventure Book 3” takes a young boy around the world to look for clues, culminating with finding the last clue in his own backyard. As readers complete these puzzles, the story unfolds before their eyes. It includes the tabs puzzle style and the largest dot-to-dot puzzle to date — a four-page spread with 3,021 dots.
“I started in 2000 with a single book, and it has been an incredible journey to have just published my 20th dot-to-dot book,” Kalvitis said. “I’m very proud of the adventure series I am publishing now, because each book has a picture story that runs through it; the first of its kind. In ‘Adventure Book 1,’ a young boy receives a gift that coaxes him to go looking for clues around his hometown. In ‘Book 2,’ he travels around the country, and I’m especially excited about ‘Book 3,’ because it takes him around the world. I look forward to starting the fourth, and final, book in the series, where he will travel through time.”
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