A video of the Fairport Historical Club’s “Votes for Women” debate reenactment is being aired on Spectrum cable TV channels 12 and 5.5, as of Dec. 6.
The event was presented live this past July, when people gathered at Fairport’s gazebo to hear current-day members of the Fairport Historical Club reenact the debate that took place in 1914 at the Pleasant Street home of Fairport resident Lucy Kenyon.
The reenactment was in support of the Susan B. Anthony House and Museum’s VoteTilla celebration.
Perinton resident Lucy McCormick wrote the re-enactment script and performed in the role of Dr. Frances White, a Fairport physician who presented the case for the “nays” at the 1914 debate. No known record of the 1914 debaters’ presentations exists. To create the words as they might have been spoken at the 1914 debate, McCormick researched attitudes on women’s suffrage of women living in the early 20th century.
Jean Keplinger edited the script, and Jean Whitney provided biographical information on the 1914 debaters. Karrie Bordeau of the Fairport Public Library facilitated the setup of the live event. Chris Pruszynski produced the video on behalf of the Perinton Historical Society.
Visit bit.ly/2nDW5ya to view the video.